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No Wave Cinema at the NCAD Library

“No Wave Cinema” was an underground film movement that started in New York in the mid-1970s and early 1980s, characterised by a no-frills, guerrilla/punk approach to filmmaking. Although short lived, it influenced  later film makers such as Jim Jarmusch, Steve Buscemi and Vincet Gallo. “No Wave” has particular relevance to Ireland, because an Irish experimental and documentary film maker, Vivienne Dick, was an active participant in the movement. The NCAD Visual Resources Centre has a copy of  Lux DVD’s Afterimages Volume 4, dedicated to Vivienne Dick [DVD F722].

Other filmmakers involved in the “No Wave Cinema” movement include Amos Poe, Beth B, John Lurie, and James Nares. The Visual Resources Centre is currently exploring the acquisition of DVD copies of films by these artists.

DVDs in the Visual Resources Centre

In the past week, the Visual Resources Centre has had a substantial make-over. Our slide cabinets have been moved out, to make room for wall-to-wall shelving for our DVD collection. All our DVDs are now easily browsable on the shelves, with lots of new titles now available. Over the summer we have purchased a wealth of new art documentaries and films, including works by artists such as Bill Viola and Vivienne Dick, documentaries on Coco Chanel, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Eileen Gray and Dieter Roth, as well as many film titles, including Volume 1 of the Robert Frank collection, and the Claude Chabrol collection. We encourage all students and staff to come and browse the DVD collection in the Visual Resources Centre. All users can borrow three titles for one week at a time.