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Visual Resources for CORE year students

The Visual Resources Centre has DVDs and image databases which can be of great help when finishing studio assignments or writing essays. This is a sample of some of them:

ARTstor: A database with over one million images of all periods in the history of art and design. You can find our own NCAD user guide to ARTstor here. To see examples of artworks in the ARTstor database, click on Browse>Featured Groups>Art history topics, and also in the CORE folder within NCAD’s institutional folders, which can be found in Open image group>Institutional folders>CORE. ARTstor is a great source of inspiration for all your studio projects, well worth a try.

NCAD Digital Image Library: A database of over 7000 images digitised for NCAD lectures. the collection is strong on contemporary art and Irish artists. You can find a user guide for the NCAD Digital Image Database here.

DVDs: Our DVD collection has titles for everyone’s taste, including:

DVDs on specific artists, such as Salvador Dalí or Marcus Coates

Television series on all aspects of art

Documentaries on almost anything, from extraordinary animals to extraordinary humans


And, of course, movies, movies, and more movies….


To find titles from the DVD collection in the NCAD Library Catalogue, key in the word ‘videorecording’. This will give you a list of everything we have in DVD form.