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Visual Resources for VISCOM Students

Visual Communication students can find several titles and databases in the Visual Resources Centre which are relevant to your course, including:

DVDs: The Library has a collection of over 2000 DVD titles, including documentaries on all aspects of art and design, as well as feature films. The following titles are particularly relevant for the VISCOM curriculum:

Titles about graphic design and typography

Gary Hustwit: Helvetica (U.K., 2007)

Feature films with title sequences by famous designers such as Saul Bass:

Alfred Hitchcock: North by Northwest (U.S., 1959)
Martin Scorsese: Goodfellas

ARTstor: A vast collection of over one million digital images of all periods of art and design. You can find the NCAD guide to using ARTstor here.

ARTstor has several collections which are relevant to VISCOM, including the Graphic Design and Illustration Collection, which has over 13,000 images, and the Graphic Design collection at MOMA, with over 2,000 images.

NCAD Image Library: Our own local collection of digital images used by NCAD lecturers. You can find a guide to the NCAD Image Library here.

To browse images related to visual communication, select Graphic Design (Visual Communication) from the Classification drop-down list, and click on Find.

Visual Resources for CORE year students

The Visual Resources Centre has DVDs and image databases which can be of great help when finishing studio assignments or writing essays. This is a sample of some of them:

ARTstor: A database with over one million images of all periods in the history of art and design. You can find our own NCAD user guide to ARTstor here. To see examples of artworks in the ARTstor database, click on Browse>Featured Groups>Art history topics, and also in the CORE folder within NCAD’s institutional folders, which can be found in Open image group>Institutional folders>CORE. ARTstor is a great source of inspiration for all your studio projects, well worth a try.

NCAD Digital Image Library: A database of over 7000 images digitised for NCAD lectures. the collection is strong on contemporary art and Irish artists. You can find a user guide for the NCAD Digital Image Database here.

DVDs: Our DVD collection has titles for everyone’s taste, including:

DVDs on specific artists, such as Salvador Dalí or Marcus Coates

Television series on all aspects of art

Documentaries on almost anything, from extraordinary animals to extraordinary humans


And, of course, movies, movies, and more movies….


To find titles from the DVD collection in the NCAD Library Catalogue, key in the word ‘videorecording’. This will give you a list of everything we have in DVD form.

Welcome to all students

The new academic term is about to start, and here at the Visual Resources Centre we want to welcome back all NCAD students and staff. It has been a busy summer, with many new developments in Visual Resources.

Videos/ DVDs: We have a great collection of DVDs, including both feature films and art documentaries. The online library catalogue now has records of ALL our DVDs, with information about their availability. Just type in a keyword of your choice (say, the name of an artist or filmmaker), and add the word “videorecording”. The results will show you relevant titles, and when you click on a title you will be given further information about it, including where it is and whether it can be borrowed. Also, keep an eye on this blog for lists of new titles added to the collection.

ARTstor Image Library: NCAD subscribes to ARTstor, a library of over one million images of art and design subjects, including painting, sculpture, architecture, print, visual communication, textiles, fashion, ceramics, glass, matalwork, and industrial design. With ARTstor you can:

  • Filter search results by Time Period, Classification, and Geography
  • Choose the number of thumbnails displayed
  • Mouse-over to view larger images
  • Use ARTstor Mobile for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone
  • Batch download to PowerPoint

For a quick introduction to ARTstor, visit us at the Visual Resources Centre in the Library and we will give you a 15-minute tour of the database on the spot.

NCAD Image Library: We also have our own image library, consisting of over 7,000 images of art and design subjects, with more specific focus on Irish artists. To gain access to the NCAD Image Library, contact the Visual Resources Librarian for a username and password.

One Million Digital Images Available on ARTstor Mobile

If you are a student at NCAD, you can access over one million images through the ARTstor Digital Library. All you have to do is come to the Visual Resources Centre in the Library to register with ARTstor. Once you have done that, you will be able to access this digital library from any computer in or outside the college. You can browse or search for images, save image groups, and download them individually or as a group for your essays and college projects. To learn more about ARTstor, check our NCAD Image Libraries page. The images are much better quality than what you can find normally online.

In the past week, ARTstor has become available on the following mobile platforms: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. ARTstor Mobile allows you to search, browse and zoom into your image results. Try it and let us know what you think by commenting on this post.

Zotero and Image Databases Training Session for Postgrads

The NCAD Visual Resources Centre is holding a training session for postgraduate students in the use of Zotero, the free, open source citation software that allows students to keep track of their bibliographic records in an easy, one-click solution. In addition, there will be a brief introduction to our image databases, ARTstor, and the NCAD Image Library.

The session will take place on Thursday January 27th from 5.30 to 6.30 pm in the Sybyl Connolly room in the Clock building.

To facilitate the training session, please download the Zotero software onto your computers and bring them with you into the classroom.

ARTstor in store

We are pleased to announce that the ARTstor Digital Library is now available to the staff and students of NCAD. ARTstor can be accessed from anywhere on campus using the college’s own wireless broadband. Once connected on campus simply register your email address and a password with ARTstor thereby enabling you to access this great digital image database off campus. The database comprises nearly a million images from a wide variety of collections with the most recent addition being 80,000 images from Magnum Photos. Demo videos on using ARTstor are available here.